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From the outside, you will find that each part of a house plays a major role. From the windows, doors, siding, gutters, and the roof, each part is essential to make up a stable and comfortable home. One of the major components of a home, or of any structure, is the roof. Unfortunately, it is also one of the components that is overlooked.


While roofs may seem very similar, you’ll soon find that there are actually many different types of roofs, along with different styles and materials. One of the roofing materials that is becoming more and more popular in Austin TX is the use of composite roofing.

Composite Roofing Definition

Composite roofing is basically the use of a material made from a variety of different materials. Composite roofing shingles are a mixture of plastic, fiberglass, wood, polyester, and even recycled materials. There are many types that you can use and the specific materials that make the composite shingle depend on the specific manufacturer. Asphalt shingles can actually be considered as a type of composite roofing material since the actual materials used to make the shingles is a mixture of components. However, the composite shingles have an outer layer of granulated asphalt. This protective layer is essential since it helps make your roof water-resistant and also protects your home from absorbing UV rays.

Another common type of composite roofing material is the shingles that are made to look similar to cedar shingles. The shingles can be very realistic. However, these can also be more durable than natural cedar shingles since the material does not degrade in the same way as wood.

Composite roofing is a great roofing option. While it can seem easy to install, it is best to get the aid of a licensed roofing contractor. There are many great roofing contractors in the area but here are a few tips to help you pick the right roofing contractor for your composite Austin roofing needs.

Referrals Matter

You should always ask around when looking for a roofing contractor. Whether the company is recommended by a friend, a neighbor, or your insurance company, a good referral is a sign that the contractor can be trusted. The more referrals that you can get for a company, the better. It can also be helpful to see the actual work that a contractor has done.

Check Licensure and Insurance

When you identify potential contractors to work with, don’t hesitate to ask for proof of their license to operate in Austin TX. Whether you opt for a contractor that is based out-of-state or from someone within the locality, it is imperative that they should be able to work in your area. Our recommendation, however, would be to hire a team from the area. The main advantage of going local is that a contractor who has worked within a specific state is more familiar with the building restrictions, codes, and other regulations that you need to follow. They are also more capable of giving you great recommendations that are better suited to the weather and climate of your area.

Aside from having the proper license, a roofing contractor should also have the right insurance coverage. This will keep you safe in case any accidents occur. Since contractors hire other laborers to work on your roof, they should be covered. Additionally, warranties from manufacturers might only be viable if the installation is done by a recognized team.

Written Contracts

Finally, don’t let any team start working on your roof or on any other part of your property without properly setting the right terms and conditions. After you have settled the details of the project, be sure that everything is put down in writing, from the type of materials, protected duration, actual working hours, and the costs of materials and labor. This will help protect you legally.

A good roofing contractor is not that hard to find. First off, most good referrals should lead you to licensed and experienced contractors with good insurance coverage and extended warranties. However, you should always be diligent in asking the right questions before hiring the right team.

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