Do Thatched Roofs Leak?

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Like any roof ever made, roofs are inevitable for leaking, and thatched roofs are no exceptions. But is there a way to prevent them from leaking?

Why People Are Choosing Thatched Roofs Contractors

Some of you might find it odd, but a lot of households resort to thatched roofs for good reasons. Aside from the natural and earthy aesthetic that they have, they are one of the top roofs to have most, especially if you’re aiming for a more relaxed or warmer home in the coldest or hottest of seasons.

Aside from households, some business establishments like restaurants, beach resorts, and more because of their natural and straightforward aesthetic look.

Based on other testimonials, some people also prefer thatched roofs because they are less expensive than the usual roofs that are out of the market today. Although this seems like a convenience, thatched roofing materials might be complicated to find yourself.You wouldn’t have to worry on this because roofers that offer thatched roofing installation, repair, and maintenance services have all the necessary materials needed to make this project a reality.

Preventing Leaks

The secret to not have a leaking thatched roof is all about the angles. Roofers make sure that the thatched roof is placed and all in one angle to make sure the water flows to the outward direction. Remember that any small puddle or water stuck on these kinds of roofs would leak.

Nowadays, roofers find other solutions to prevent leaks from happening. They carefully do their research and think of better and cost-effective solutions to make sure this common problem will not happen too often.

Also, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to regularly check on your roof before the bad weather conditions come into your city. Remember that attaching or repairing thatched roofs might take a while than the usual roof types, so early preparation is always best.

Watch Out For Molds

You must understand that even the smallest molds that are attached to your thatched roof would deteriorate the quality of it and would cause your roof to leak. This is why it is recommended that you keep in touch with your reliable roof contractor. In all honestly, thatched roofs if not being much attended to, will have a massive chance of leaking. So, before these things happen, you must make sure to reach out to your roofer if ever you notice something odd in your thatched roof.

Thatched Roof Reminders

Here are some things to take note if ever you will be planning to have your own thatched roof very soon:

  • Do not settle for getting materials that are subpar or have questionable quality. Be sure only to trust a reliable roofer to do the job for you.
  • Contact the roofer in advance if ever you decide to get a thatched roof. Calling or giving your roofer a head’s up will provide them with enough time to prepare the needed materials and tools. Cramming or rushing the work would affect the finished product. So better if you give us a call ahead of time.
  • Give the roofer essential details of what you want to have on this project. If ever this is your first time of having thatched roofs, don’t be afraid to ask the roofer for a catalog for you to go through.
  • Let the roofer check out your place to make sure they can get the right estimate of materials needed. It’s recommended that you let them do the measurements on-site rather than giving the estimated numbers on the phone.
  • As much as possible, do not buy materials yourself as the roofer already has all the needed materials needed to get your project going.
  • Be available whenever they are already in your home. If ever there are things that seem off, be sure to tell them.



Like any other roof out there, thatched roofs will leak. As much as possible, you must regularly check on its conditions, especially before bad storms hit to make sure that are durable enough to withstand them when they arrive in your area.

Of course, if ever you need anything else when it comes to your roof, never hesitate to reach out to your local thatched roofing contractor. The earlier you contact them, the better. So that they will be able to get things ready for you, and wouldn’t have to worry about anything else.

We hope that this has helped you much and we hope that you will be enjoying leak-free roof very soon!