3 Signs That Emergency Roof Repair or Roof Replacement Is Needed by Your Home

What Austin, TX Homeowners Should Remember When It Comes to Roof Care


Most people are aware that the biggest investment they would be making in their lifetime is their home. As an experienced roof replacement contractor in Austin we have met homeowners that had already forgotten the aforementioned fact. These homeowners have forgotten the importance and value of their property, neglecting the necessary and important property maintenance such as roofing services.

One of the crucial roofing services that homeowners like you should not neglect is the emergency roof repair or replacement. To help you identify whether or not you need such services, here are some of the signs that you already need emergency roof  repair or worse roof replacement.

a snapshot of a fallen tree branch on roof


Wind-Torn Shingles

Although a 50 miles per hour wind is not disturbing or even damaging when you are inside your home, for an aging and unmaintained roof, such gusty wind may lead to emergency roof repair. With roofing shingles that are constantly being exposed to harsh external elements like fierce and shifting wind pressure, you are to expect that these roofing materials will be susceptible to damages, such as being torn, broken, or even lifted by strong winds.

As a result, your roofing system or your property in its entirety will be prone to roof leaks and other roofing issues. After noticing a strong wind passing through your area, it would be good to make it a habit to check your roofing shingles. When you notice that some shingles are damaged or even missing, it should prompt you to have it repaired. However, when a large portion of your roofing has been damaged or missing, it would mean that roof replacement is badly needed. Don’t wait for the rainy days to come before you start the necessary repair or replacement. When it comes to urgent concerns as such, emergency roof repair or replacement should be done as soon as possible.

Impact on Your Roof

Another factor to consider an emergency roof repair or roof replacement is when your roof has been damaged due to a sudden and strong impact. Such roof threat would normally occur during a windstorm, where tree branches above your home might fall or even worse the tree itself will collapse to your property. For that matter, it would be quite obvious that you need an emergency roof repair or roof replacement, depending on the scope or size of the roofing damage.

Animals on the Roof

Animals itself are not the reason on why you should have an emergency roof repair or replacement. However, it is what they do that may prompt you to perform such roofing services to your property. When you notice some animals constantly visiting your roof, woodpeckers, squirrels, and raccoons, such animals might be living or nesting on top of your property. This would mean that your roofing shingles or materials are being chewed or utilized as shelter by the said animals. Thus, resulting to roof punctures, broken shingles, and other roofing issues. Seeing that, you should immediately inspect your roofing shingles for damages, for you might not be aware of it, your roof has long been needing an immediate repair or replacement.


Deciding whether to have an emergency roof repair or roof replacement can be tricky if not confusing to most homeowners. That is why it is highly suggested that before choosing between repair or replacement, you should first contact expert roofing contractors in Austin, TX for help. They will help you determine the best action to take after a thorough roof inspection has been performed to your property. They also have the experience, expertise, and equipment to provide you with the best roof repair or roof replacement service, whichever is necessary. For additional roofing tips, our friends from House-Improvements shared a DIY step in finding roof leaks in your home.

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