When Your Roof Needs Emergency Repair


With over 23 years of service as a reputable roofing contractor in Austin, Texas , we have been conscious of the fact that your roof is not 100% immune to damages. Some of the causes of this damages are severe enough that it could deteriorate or even instantly damage your roofing system in a flash. These factors may include heavy winds, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms. Since your roof plays an essential role in the safety and preservation of your property, roof repair in an emergency situation is an imperative.

In such a case, the necessity of an experienced and knowledgeable emergency roof repair contractor, like Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing is a must. To give you a wider perspective about emergency roofing repair services, here are some of the important suggestions on how to best approach such roofing need.

Pic showing a roof damage on a roofing system

Situation Assessment

Emergency roofing is a general term that refers mainly to a situation that would require your roof an immediate roof repair. This would often involve situations wherein temporary roofing solution is required to alleviate the current roofing concern, which is normally followed by a permanent repair or roofing solution. Try to assess the situation first before deciding to call for an emergency roofing repair service.

Roofer First Policy

When you encounter any roofing damage in need in need of an emergency roof repair, your first instinct is to call your insurance company. Although such action is not wrong, it is still better to contact first your local roofing contractor, such as Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing of Austin, Texas. When you contact us for help, we will make sure to provide you with the necessary temporary repair of your roofing system and see to it that a thorough roof inspection is performed in order to properly plan the permanent repairs and roofing solutions for your emergency roof problem.

Repair or Replace Decision-Making

When there is a roofing damage or a necessity of an emergency roof repair, you will have to choose between simply repairing it or replacing your roof and other roofing components with a new one. The general rule is that when your roof is relatively new, roof replacement should be the last option, especially when roof repair is still viable.

However, this rule of thumb may vary from one roofing problem to another, which is why the necessity of a professional roofing contractor that specializes in emergency roofing repair service is a must. With their experience and expertise, you will be properly guided on what steps to follow after experiencing an emergency roofing problem.


The suggestions listed above is not an exhaustive list in itself, but they are the basic steps to consider when faced with an emergency roofing problem. When it comes to the care and maintenance of your roof, especially emergency repairs, you should trust only the best. Here in Austin Texas, Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing is a reputable roofing contractor that specializes in roof repair, roof installation, roof replacement, and roof maintenance.

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