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America’s love affair with cars is certainly alive and well in Austin Texas.  Just take a quick look down any residential street, and you’ll see any number of one, two, and even three-car garages that have become an integral part of the home.  If you’re considering updating your garage, or you simply need to do a few repairs to your garage door, it’s a good idea to work with one of Austin’s most trusted garage door specialists.  At DUSTIN JOHNSON EXTERIORS AND ROOFING, we’ve been installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors in the Austin area and Travis county for many years now.

We have served over 2000 homeowners in 24 years of service. A commitment to high-quality products offered at affordable and completely transparent service charges have made us a popular choice in our community.

The garage door is usually the biggest moving object in your house. On many homes, it can represent over 35% of the viewable façade. That’s why it is important to choose the right door to maximize your house’s curb appeal. The quality of the product and installation are the two determining traits of a durable and aesthetically-pleasing garage door.

We use products from C.H.I. Overhead Doors – one of the most innovative and reliable garage door manufacturers in America. This guarantees the usage of high-quality material for our clients. But using high-quality materials is only half the story. It is also important to get your garage door installed by a qualified professional like DUSTIN JOHNSON EXTERIORS & ROOFING to ensure years of hassle-free operations.

If you are in the process of choosing a new garage door, there are various factors to keep in mind. As one of the most trusted garage door installers in Austin Texas, we wish to provide you with some useful information that will help you to determine the right garage door to install on your home.

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There are hundreds of color options available for your garage door. With various styling collections like Carriage collection, Timeless collection, and Contemporary collection our clients are sure to get the door they desire. There is also a long list of doors available in wood tones. If you are still confused about the color of your garage door you can order up to three FREE samples of colors here.

Panel Design

This is one of the most basic yet important choices you will need to make as it sets the tone for the entire garage door. There are numerous panel designs offered:

  • The raised panel design has been an industry standard for years both in short panel and long panel designs.
  • The recessed panel design offers numerous panel options. This model from C.H.I. offers greater flexibility in design than nearly any other garage door product on the market. This door also lends itself to a carriage house configuration. There are numerous design options available and each offers maintenance and worry-free steel exterior.
  • The impact-resistant fiberglass garage door allows us to create a highly defined look that is impossible to create with steel doors.

Window Style

Another way to add curb appeal to your home is through the addition of windows to your garage door. This option helps to brighten your garage by allowing natural light to enter. Glass is available in a variety of designs including

  • Standard
  • Designer
  • Obscure
  • Glue chip
  • Seated

Any of these varieties can be incorporated into your door as glass alone, or with the option of inserts and overlays. The inserts in our doors can be interchanged at any time allowing your garage door to have a new look in minutes. Various window designs are available in either single pane and non-insulated windows or double panel insulation for greater weather protection.


Your garage door can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your garage, as well as your home if the garage is attached. It is important to take into consideration the type of environment you want to maintain in your garage and choose the right door accordingly. There are several things to consider while buying an insulated garage door. The best option for people looking for a well-insulated garage door is a sandwich door. A sandwich door is simply a door that has an interior and exterior steel skin with insulation laminated or pressure bonded in between. In addition to enhancing the insulating ability of your garage door, sandwich door construction provides a clean finished appearance, increased structural integrity, and an extra barrier against outside noise. C.H.I. offers garage doors with both polystyrene and polyurethane insulation. Polystyrene is a stable product that provides significant insulating value but is not the best option in the market. Polyurethane is the premier insulating option available in the market with a higher R-value and can be essential in increasing the energy efficiency of your home. A well-insulated home can provide you with significant energy savings and as the biggest opening in your home, garage doors are a large part of it.

C.H.I. uses only the highest quality polyurethanes available and works directly with DOW – the leading manufacturer of polyurethanes. The CHI and DOW developed a formula specifically for C.H.I. doors to ensure the most effective thermal performance. So, by selecting a polyurethane insulated door you’ll realize lower energy costs, a high return on investment, as well as superior strength and durability on your door.

If you expect extreme door usage, DUSTIN JOHNSON EXTERIORS & ROOFING can also install your garage door with heavy-duty hardware. This ensures a long and low maintenance life for your garage door.


All our garage doors come with a limited lifetime warranty. To know more about the warranties available for your door, click here.

Excellency in Our Work, Quality in Our Materials

Great training and experience are only part of what we offer.  As with any other service we provide for our valued customers in Travis County, we use only the highest quality material and equipment to make sure your garage is the best it can be.

So if you’re considering replacing or repairing your garage door, or simply need a little bit of help keeping it in great working condition, give us a call at 512-337-2661 or visit our office.  We’re at 901 S. MoPac Expressway, Building 1 # 300, right in the heart of Austin.  You’re welcome anytime we’re open. You may also check on our other services that concern your roofing gutters, sidings, and windows. Contact Us Today.