While well-maintained gutters are an important part of any building system, it becomes especially important in Texas. Texas is home to frequent thunderstorms and hailstorms. A malfunctioning gutter system is a sign of impending doom for your building structure.  A well-installed gutter system will collect and divert the water away from the roof, sidings, and foundation of the house. If the system fails to do its job, the accumulated water can cause serious problems for your building structure.


Some of the most common problems we have seen in our experience are:

  • Any leftover water can get under the shingles and cause shingle curling or bending when it evaporates.
  • Fallen debris like leaves and branches block the gutter systems. This leads to clogged water spreading rot through your roofing system.
  • If the water is not directed away properly, the falling water often gets accumulated around the foundation of your house. The constant presence of stagnant water erodes the soil and weakens the very foundation of your house. This often leads to serious damages which costs way more to repair than a gutter system.
  • Clogged water can also lead to leakages. Once a leakage starts it leads the way to various other problems like structural rot, growth of mold and mildew. This might make a building unfit for its residents.


Any gutter is only as good as its installation and materials. One of the surest ways to install a well-functioning gutter is to hire experienced professionals to do the job for you. DUSTIN JOHNSON EXTERIORS is a family-owned business working in Austin, Texas for the last 25 years. Our firm commitment to provide quality services at affordable prices has made us one of the most trusted choices for roofing and exterior work in an around Austin Texas. With over 2000 satisfied customers DUSTIN JOHNSON EXTERIORS has a long track record of successful and hassle-free installations. Our commitment to serving our community has been recognized by our clients and they have made us TOP RATED on HomeAdvisor.  We have also been named TOP PRO in Thumbtack – a title reserved for the top-rated and most popular professionals.


If you are sitting on the fence regarding getting your home improvement done, you will be pleased to know that we provide various financing options for our clients. We also provide FREE INSPECTION and ESTIMATES. This allows you to know the extent of your damages and the financing required to fix it. This service is completely FREE and comes with no obligation to use our service.

Our founder Dustin Johnson grew up in a family of contractors based in the industry. He has been helping them out on the sites since he was a teenager. With a lifetime of experience and a huge circle of friends based in the industry, he has perfected the craft of local gutter installation. While some standard practices may be successful in other states, they fail in Texas due to a high frequency of storms and tornadoes, and extreme climate conditions. So, if you live in and around Austin Tx, and want perfect gutters for your home, try the Dustin Johnson difference.


  • While other contractors install thin plastic outlets screwed over flat bottom gutters, our outlets are solid metal connected with rivets instead of screws. The use of sturdy metal instead of flimsy low standard material ensures a long life for your gutters. The rivets increase the sturdiness of the construct and give it a more professional look.
  • Instead of installing gutters directly over the edge of the roof, we use gutter bumpers to ensure that the gutter sits even off the sides of your roof. This improves the angle of your gutters and guarantees full water coverage.
  • Most of the contractors use the standard 2X3 diameter downspouts held together by screws. While the screw often tears through the aluminum, the 2X3 diameter also often leads to clogged drains in the state of Texas. While these dimensions may work in a drier state, Texas is a state of heavy rain and harsh elements. Our downspouts and elbows with a diameter of 3X4 inch provide more space for the water to flow through. This results in unclogged and well-functioning gutters.
  • Instead of the usual concrete splash blocks which become difficult to maintain over time, DUSTIN JOHNSON EXTERIORS use injection molded polyurethane. The polyurethane splash blocks remain easy to maintain even after years of use.
  • Our K-style internal hangers ensure that the gutter stays level to the roof edge. The 2 inches speed master screws with an inbuilt watertight connection hold the hangers with the roof. This ensures that your gutter stays in place to get the maximum water coverage possible.
  • Instead of the basic run of the mill silicone sealant which develops cracks as it dries out, we use NovaFlex – a waterproof permanent flexible sealant. The use of high-quality sealants decreases the probability of leaking by a huge margin.
  • An exposed gutter is a potentially clogged gutter. If an open gutter is not cleaned regularly, debris like falling leaves and twigs can often clog the gutter. Even with gutter guards, snow and leaves can often accumulate on top of the guards and cause ice damming and clogging. That’s why our gutter guards are specially designed to encourage the debris to slide off instead of building up on top. This ensures a long low-maintenance life for your gutters.
  • An unclogged gutter is a necessity for a well functioning roof. That’s why DUSTIN JOHNSON AND EXTERIORS has tied up with Leaf Sentry to provide our clients with the best gutter protection system. The Leaf Sentry gutters are available in various colors and come with a lifetime guarantee of unclogged gutters