How Often Do You Need to Re Thatch a House

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Thatched roofs have slowly become of the most sought-after roofing types today, especially in this current generation, when people are looking for cheaper yet quality roofs with excellent energy efficiency features. If you’re looking for all of these, then thatched roofs are one of the right choices to get.

One of the common questions, when someone get a thatched roof for their home or business, is this: How often do I need to re thatch a house? Before we get into this, let’s get into the basics about what thatched roofing is about.

For starters, having thatched roofs can save you a lot since they are not as costly as those modern roofs that are currently out of the market today. The main reason why people are getting into them because they are naturally weather-resistant—that means that they can even stand even the heaviest of rainfall throughout the year.

Thatched roofs are a natural insulator and have air pockets in the straw thatch that would insulate your home or building in both cold and warm weather. This means no matter what kind of weather conditions that you may encounter throughout the year, you are sure to stay comfortable at home.

Believe it or not, thatched roofs can last from 40 to 50 years. Usually, modern roofs only have a maximum lifespan of only 30 years. If you have appropriately thatched roofs, they are sure to even last until your next family generation.

With that said, there’s a slim chance that you might not need to replace your roof every so often. But this is a case to case basis. As mentioned, weather conditions can be very unpredictable. Aside from this, other factors would cause the quality of your thatched roof to deteriorate (e.g., mold).

Tips on Thatched Roof Replacement

Here are some tips to help you get started on replacing your thatched roof.

  • Contact a reliable roofer to do the job. As much as possible, you must only contact with a credible and dependable roofing company that has years of experience in dealing with thatched roofs. You can always just contact any roofer that you can find on your area. However, you must take note that you are dealing with a thatched roof and not those conventional and modern roofs that are mostly used by households today.
  • Do not do the roofing work yourself. Thatched roofs require a lot of experience and patience to place them in your home correctly. So please do not do them yourself and do the roofing work to the experts.
  • Always do background checks on the roofer before you make arrangements with them. Check their websites or reviews to make sure that they can do thatched roofing. Remember that you need to get this specific information so that you will have great peace of mind that they can do the thatched roofing for you.
  • Always request for inspection and estimate first. A credible roofer continuously checks on the house first before pricing everything. When you are convinced that the roofer can do the thatched roofing job for you, contact them to check on your home first. That way, they will be able to provide you a fair price on the roofing service.
  • Always get a second opinion. If ever there is another reliable roofer out there, you can still get the second opinion and compare which is better to do the job for you.
  • Continuously communicate with your roofer. The key to the perfect thatched roof is consistently talking with your roofer on what you want and what needs to be done first. Remember that roofers, although with much experience, are not perfect and they might make some slight mistakes. Which is why it’s always best to communicate with them to make sure both sides are on the same page of things.
  • Contact your roofer immediately if you found some signs of deterioration. If ever you noticed something odd on your thatched roof, be sure to contact the roofer directly. Do not delay!

You Deserve the Best Roof

Remember that you do not deserve subpar or sloppy thatched roof work. Always make it a priority to only get the perfect thatched roof carefully made or replaced by a very credible roofing company near you. You deserve the best roof all year round and we hope that this will help you get started in getting into thatched roofing or at least give you tips on how to replace your old one.