Urgency of Roof Hail Damage Repair


It is already a fact and a common knowledge among homeowners and business owners that the roof is one of the most essential parts of a property. You don’t need an Austin roofing contractor to let you accept or even simply notice such fact. That is why you should keep your property’s roofing always at its best in order to prevent early deterioration and even roof replacement, which would somehow suggest additional expenses on your part.

Here at Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing of Austin, Texas, we are a firm advocate of immediate roofing solution for both severe and even insignificant roofing problems. Regardless of the size and complexity of the roofing issue, if left unrepaired or undetected for a period of time, it will surely culminate into something destructive to your property, such as a hail storm damage.

Following the passage of a massive storm or hurricane in your area, it would sometimes be easy for homeowners to overlook any areas of your roof that experienced a hail storm damage. In some cases, the assumption that hail damage is nonexistent or simply minimal is quite prevalent among busy property owners and managers. Hence, leading property owners to ignore roof hail damage that accompanies major implications. That is why it is important to have an immediate roofing inspection and urgent roof repair for hail storm-damaged roofing. And here are some of the reasons why you should do it.

a picture of a damaged roof being shown

Clogging of Your Roof’s Gutter

You may be confused on the connection between a hail storm-damaged roof to your gutter, right? However, when your asphalt shingles are damaged by a storm, some of the granules will slide down and accumulate toward your gutter. With the changing of the season, such damaged shingle will have to shed more granules resulting to a clogged gutter over time. Consequently, when you experience or notice some damages on your roof following a hail storm, it would be best to contact an expert roofing contractor for immediate inspection and resolution.

Susceptibility to More Damages

When hail storm has ravaged your roof, it is but a sad truth that the shingles will lose their protective granules. With the constant shifting of the climate, your shingles will be exposed to harsh UV rays, snow, wind, rain, and other external elements. With that, you should understand that as the integrity of your roof decreases, its warranty will also substantially decrease.

Undermining of Structural Integrity

If you will be neglecting an immediate roof hail damage repair on your roofing system, you will have to suffer a severe consequence later on. As your roofing material loses its durability and endurance against harsh external elements, serious roofing issues will likely to arise including the growth of mold, insulation problems, and even serious water damages that could reach the interior of your property.


If you truly care for your roof, it would always be best to have it inspected and repaired by an expert roofing contractor following a hail storm. An immediate roof hail damage repair should commence after you have noticed some roofing issues or when your roofing contractor would suggest that you should have such emergency roof repair process to preserve your property from total decline and to maintain the comfort and convenience of your living environment.

For urgent roofing needs, such as emergency roof hail damage repair, roof replacement, roof inspection, roof repair & maintenance, you may call Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing of Austin, Texas. Our expertise also extends not only on roofing but also on windows, garage doors, gutters, and sidings. Call us at (512)-337-2661 or you may also visit us at 901 S MoPac, Expy building 1, #300 Austin, TX 78746 for a personal consultation. Contact Us Today!

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