How To Protect Your Property During Roof Replacement in Austin TX

Having a roof repaired or getting a new one installed is a significant undertaking. A roof is one of a home’s most substantial expenses and also one of the most valuable assets – it isn’t something to cut corners on. However, if you are having a roof installed on your finished home, you might be worried about your exterior – you certainly don’t want it getting damaged. If that is the case, here are three ways you can protect your home and belongings during roofing Austin TX installation.

Picture Showing How To Protect Your Property During Roof Replacement in Austin, TX

Park Your Car Somewhere Safe

Roofing contractors need easy and quick access to their tools and offering them a great parking spot will not only make things easy for them but will also speed up the process. Sorry folks, but yes, that may mean walking a short distance to get to your car. However, remember that this is a necessary concession. Consider parking your vehicles a safe distance from the area until the project is completed. Also, remember to keep your garage doors closed to keep out debris and dust.

Take Down Wall Decorations

The vibrations from machinery and hammers on your roof can travel through your walls, especially if the existing deck requires some repairs.
– Walk through rooms on the level under the roof
– Consider pictures, knick-knacks, or other items that you have hanging on your walls or ceiling
– As a safety measure, remove any decorations that are not permanently screwed in place
Consider removing decorative lighting fixtures like chandeliers to be safe.

Do Not Forget About Things You’ve Stored in Your Attic.

When replacing a roof, several roof installers will be crisscrossing your roof laying new shingles or other roofing materials and pounding away on it with hammers. So rest assured small debris and dust will be falling in your attic space during roof installation.

If moving some of the important stuff up there won’t cut it, you can keep them clean by covering them with some old sheets. However, be ready to do some vacuuming once construction is complete.

Move Your Patio Furniture

A garage or shed is one of the best places to store outdoor items like lawn ornaments, patio furniture, potted plants, and grills while the new roof is being installed. If you do not have a shed or garage, consider putting these items in one corner of your yard, a considerable distance from the construction area. Remember that most contractors won’t help you move personal items outside or inside your home.

Do Landscaping Before Construction Commences

Low hanging tree branches near the roof will have to be trimmed before the roofer can start working on it. Your roofing contractor should use drop cloths to protect grass and plants your home’s immediate perimeter; nevertheless, make sure the grass around your home is cut one day before construction day.

Short grass will ensure fallen debris doesn’t hide in your lawn; this way, clean-up will be easier, thorough and less time-consuming.

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