The Sun is our greatest source of heat and we are always in a battle to control that heat in our homes. The heat we experience from the Sun is made up of different parts – heat from ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectrum of the light. When you’re out in the hot Sun the heat you feel is roughly 5% from ultraviolet light, 45% from visible light and 50% from infrared heat. This same heat is what strikes the roof of your home and heats the inside.

The Lone Star State is one of the hottest states in the USA. The residents of Texas do not just face the brunt of tornadoes and storms, but also the extremely hot days of summer. The increased heat causes the usage of air conditioning and consequently the power bill to go up high.

Origin of Radiant Barrier

If you have been faced with the same problem and are looking for some solution Radiant Barriers might just be the answer you are looking for. First put to commercial use in the 1920s, it went through a massive upgrade under the Apollo program as NASA developed a foil with much higher reflectance for use in the spacecraft.

Radiant Barrier Installation Experts in Austin Texas

This wonder material can be installed by the most trusted company in Austin Texas – DUSTIN JOHNSON EXTERIORS & ROOFING. As the radiant barrier installation expert in Austin, we have installed it in the house of many satisfied customers. The standard method of installation practiced by a lot of contractors can increase the energy efficiency of the house by roughly 15 percent. While even this a significant difference, our founder Dustin Johnson was not completely satisfied. With decades of field experience and training programs, he has perfected the art of Radiant barrier installation. We have observed a staggering difference of around 30°F after installing the radiant barrier the Dustin Johnson way.

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How does the Radiant Barrier work?

As the local Radiant barrier experts, we wished to help the members of our community in better understanding the way radiant barrier functions.

When the sun hits your roof, most of the heat energy is absorbed by the roof. This absorbed heat is then conducted through the roof assembly toward the cool interior of your home. When the heat can no longer conduct because it hits the air space on the underside of your roof deck it changes back to radiant heat and transfers down to the next object in its path. Years ago, when we did not insulate homes, the majority of that radiant heat would conduct through the ceiling and then into the home’s interior. When we start to improve the home, we can work on the different types of heat transfer to keep the heat out. When we use white shingles or a white coating on your roof, you’re cutting down on the heat that is gained from the visible light – roughly the 45 percent of the heat spectrum; but white roofs have no impact on the radiant heat gain of the home.

When we insulate the home, we are slowing down the conduction of the heat into the home by adding a layer of high R-value material between the heat and our home’s interior. The R means resistance to conductive heat. While insulation will slow down the transfer of heat, ultimately it will not stop the heat. That is why a home that is not air-conditioned in summer will get extremely hot inside.

By adding ventilation to our attics, we can cut down on the heat gain. Attic ventilation works on the principle of convection, (the transfer of heat from a hotter region to a colder one) by allowing the hot air to escape from the ridge vents or gable ends of the attic. But even with insulation and ventilation, your roof is still letting in all that radiant energy.


The Radiant Barrier difference…

The addition of a radiant heat barrier on the underside of the roof deck will have a dramatic effect on the performance of the home. According to some studies, a radiant barrier is known to stop over 80 percent of radiant heat trying to enter your attic through the roof. This makes a staggering difference in energy efficiency as most of the heat is in the form of radiant heat. The radiant heat barrier accomplishes this by stopping the heat energy when it is trying to change from conducting through the roof to radiating from the underside of the roof deck even though we have blocked the heat from coming in. It is important to ensure that the radiant barrier is not directly installed over the roof sheathing because high contact area reduces the efficacy of the metallic surface as low emitter

Radiant barrier has also been observed to increase the service life of your HVAC unit. As we are keeping heat from heating the air conditioning equipment that may be in the attic and the ductwork sending the cold air through the attic area. The lesser heat coming into your house means that your AC has to pump in lesser cold air. A decrease in usage of the cooling system means a longer life for the system and more energy savings for the homeowner. Another tangent benefit from the use of radiant barriers is the reduction in sound penetration in your house. Although it has a very minute impact, it acts as another buffer for the sound nonetheless.  As it is just a sheet, radiant barriers can be installed anywhere. Radiant barriers can effectively maintain comfortable room temperature in garages, houses, commercial complexes, sheds, churches, schools, etc.

Radiant Barriers can effectively work for decades while requiring minimal maintenance. Due to its energy-saving capabilities, the Radiant barriers are often known to increase the resale value of your house. Thanks to their reflective material, they are able to deflect a large portion of heat away from your home during summertime and in wintertime retain the warm air in your home – this helps keep the temperature inside stable all year round.

At Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing we offer our customers professional installation services so that they can get the most out of their radiant barrier solution. Our team consists of highly trained specialists who will measure your roof exactly and then bring in the right materials and tools needed for a successful installation. We also use only eco-friendly products as we strive to minimize our environmental footprint while helping our clients save money on their energy bills.