Easy Hail Damage Repair Austin TX Initial Assessment

Hail Damage Repair: Austin TX

After a major hail storm or even lighter conditions, homeowners often find small dents and breaks on the roof, as well as other parts of their property. Unfortunately, even the best materials and most expensive roofs can still fall victim to hail damage. The size of actual damage can vary greatly but any sign of damage from hail should be addressed. While these damages may seem minor, it could actually lead to bigger problems if left exposed.

Hail can damage property. Aside from your home, anything that is left outdoors can get damaged. This includes your car, bike, and outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, homeowners in Austin TX need to be prepared for an unexpected hail storm that can cause massive property damage.

Hail Damage

A quick assessment of your roof should let you spot any dents or breaks caused by the hail. If surrounding structures, such as gutters or the siding are damaged, there is a huge probability that the roof was too. Damage can vary depending on these factors.


Stronger winds are likely to cause more damage, especially if the storm lasts longer as well. Aside from the speed and strength of the wind, the direction of the wind also affects how the hail can cause damage to your property.

Size and Density of Hailstones

Any type of hailstone can cause damage but the bigger and more compact hailstones are likely to cause more damage. These are the types of damage that you would expect from these sizes of hail stones.

Small Hail – the size of a dime

Dime-sized hail may not seem like it could do much but if there is already damage to your existing shingles or if your shingles are already old, small hailstones can tear through and cause even more damage. At faster wind speeds, small hail stones can even cause damage to new and strong materials.

Medium Hail – the size of a quarter

This type of hail is what likely causes granule erosion and abrasions on your roof. This wears down your roof and causes major damage at higher speeds.

Larger Hail

Hailstones that are bigger than a quarter are very damaging to property. When a hail storm with these large hailstones hits your home, you are likely to see major damage not just on your house but any other things that you left outside.

Building Materials

Metal roofs are able to withstand hail better while asphalt shingle roofs are likely to experience the most damage. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find any roof dents and bruises on a metal roof.

Surrounding Barriers

If there are any trees, fences, or buildings around your home, your property might be spared from receiving as much damage as it would have without these barriers. Acting as your home’s shield, these barriers can take most of the hits for your property.

Types of Hail Damage

While any type of hail storm is likely to cause some form of damage, hail that is more than ¾ of an inch thick can cause major damage. That is just about the same size as a penny. You can notice different types of damage on your property.

Loss of Granules on Shingles

Shingles have a protected layer of granules at the topmost coat. The main purpose of the granules is to protect the material, sometimes making it fire resistant as well. The loss of these granules makes the shingles exposed and prone to damage.

Erosion of Sealants

Aside from being nailed down to the roof deck, shingles and other roof tiles use sealants so they can stick securely to the base of the roof, as well as the other layers. The sealant helps avoid tilting or shifting of the tiles or shingles. A less obvious form of hail damage is when it causes sealant erosion. In this case, the shingles or tile may start to look tilted.

Spotting Hail Damage on Your Roof

Hail damage varies. Aside from depending on the size of the hail stones and the strength of the wind druing the storm, the roofing materials on your roof are affected in different ways. Knowing how the damage can appear on a specific type of roof material can help guide you on what to look for when you do your initial roof damage assessment.

Asphalt Shingles

  • Damage with no pattern
  • Black dents
  • Granule loss
  • Areas start to appear shiny
  • Areas that become soft to touch

Wood Shingles

  • Damage with no pattern
  • Brown or Orange splits
  • Splits with sharp edges
  • Impact markers on the splits

Metal Roof

  • Concave dents on the roof

What To Do With Hail Damage on Roof

After a hail storm, you should always do an initial assessment of the damage if possible. With a few shingles or just some areas that have been damaged, minor repairs should be necessary. If you find multiple shingles that have been damaged or large areas with hail damage, a full roof replacement might be necessarily done by your roofing contractor.

Unexpected hail storms in Austin TX can cause major damage to your property. Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing offers roofing repair and replacement. They’re open Monday – Saturday 7:30 am – 10 pm. They are closed on Sundays.

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New Roof Installation & Replacement in Austin

A roof replacement is easily one of the most important repair jobs you may need to organize for your home. It’s not glamorous like an addition or a cutting-edge kitchen remodel, but it can be absolutely necessary in order to maintain your home’s ability to withstand adverse weather. When an old roof begins to fail, you’re putting both the structure of the building and all the possessions you keep inside it at risk. This is why you need to treat a roof replacement as a serious matter and avoid delaying it when you know it’s needed. The good news is, the need to install a new roof usually doesn’t sneak up on you. You can take plenty of time to educate yourself before you start talking to roofing Austin TX contractors and soliciting bids.

How A Roof Replacement Is Priced

Image Showing Roof Replacement Basics Every Homeowner Should Know in Austin, TXThe cost of a replacement roof is dictated by several factors. The most important of these are the overall size of your roof (in square feet), the pitch (i.e. steepness) of the roof, and the material you choose for the new roof in Austin,TX. Your choice of contractor also determines how much you will pay. A solid middle-of-the-road replacement roof installed with architectural shingles generally costs between $3.50 and $5.50 per square foot, including the cost of the labor required to install it. At the affordable end of the spectrum, you may be able to install a new roof on a small home with cheap three-tab shingles for as little as $7,000.

Roof Material Options

Cost and personal taste play a role in selecting the material for your new roof, but the region and design details of your home matter, too. Metal roofing is common or even preferred in some places thanks to its superior fire resistance. If your home is one of many in the area with Spanish colonial design details, using tile for your replacement roof may be a necessity. Certain materials only work with certain types of roof. Wood shakes, for example, work well on roofs with a steep pitch but become problematic if you install them on a flatter roof.

Do You Need To Remove The Old Roof?

In the past, roofers and homeowners frequently took the path of least resistance and simply applied a new roof on top of a home’s old one. Some homes even wound up with three full layers of roofing applied one atop the other. This practice is becoming less common today; many jurisdictions have rules prohibiting it. Check your local rules to find out whether or not you’re required to tear off your old roof when replacing it. Even if adding a second layer is allowed, bear in mind that it comes with potential disadvantages.

Saving Money With Off-Season Roofing

In most regions, the prime season for roof work stretches from late spring to early fall. Skilled and experienced crews can extend this period and continue doing safe, effective roofing Austin all the way to the onset of winter. Off-season roofing Austin TX may offer you the potential for savings, as the reduced overall workload pushes the price of labor down. Experienced roofers can speed up an off-season job by assigning more workers to it.

Learn All You Can

As with any major home repair or improvement project, a roof replacement will go more smoothly when you fully understand everything that’s going on. Prepare yourself thoroughly and master the roofing trade’s jargon so that you can approach a roofing Austin TX contractor as a knowledgable client.

Should Your Roof Be Repaired Or Replaced in Austin TX?

Making the best choices about your roof will mean that home performs for you at an optimal level, giving you peace of mind.

Making wise choices is crucial to minimizing both the short- and long-term costs as they related to most home improvements. That’s particularly true for any big and complicated jobs such as roofing. In this instance, some of the more crucial decisions need to get made prior to hiring a roofing Austin TX contractor or picking a shingle manufacturer.

Picture Of Should Your Roof Be Repaired Or Replaced in Austin, TX?

The first choice you might make is just whether or not you’re going to just patch up leaks or damaged areas or if it’s time for partial to total reroofing. If you decide on the latter, you will also need to choose whether or not you’re going to remove the current roof or just roof over it. Either way you do it, there are considerable cost consequences.

Is A New Roof Cheaper Over The Long Haul?

The replacement of shingles from fallen limbs or wind damage can be pretty cheap and simple to do. Damaged or torn shingles can get removed before new ones are put into their place. The disadvantage of this is that unless you have a relatively new roof and you happened to save some spare shingles at the time of installation, then your patch job could wind up not matching the current roof. However, that’s a rather small price to pay should your repair make your life last for another decade or more. On the other hand, if you’re planning on putting your home on the market in the next couple of years, then you should ask your contractor to get shingles that match as much as they can. Any roof with an unattractive yet prominent patch isn’t going to inspire a lot of confidence in potential buyers.

Should the damage be more substantial but only confined to either side of the roof, then partial reroofing might be an option which is thousands of dollars cheaper than redoing the whole roof. Repairing any section of roofing is also going to make it easier to blend the old with the new since the slight differences in color are going to be far less noticeable.

It’s usually counter-intuitive, but partial reroofing jobs tend to be more expensive per square basis, which each square being a 10′ x 10′ area. They also create additional problems. For instance, when an asphalt roof already has more than one layer, then every layer has to get removed so that partial re-roofing can happen. So, on top of added labor and disposal expenses, you might face the potential for lopsided effects at the ridges, as the old roof might end up being a few inches higher as compared to the new one. Even if things are built up with enough shingles and then covered up using a ridge cap, it’s possible that the hump might still be noticeable.

Even when only some of the roof shows signs of wear, it’s smart to think about doing the whole job when the roofing Austin TX crew happens to be on-site with equipment, ladders, and scaffolding. This is probably going to be cheaper than doing just one part now with the rest a few years later.

Roof Over Or Tear Off?

Once you choose to reroof, you would then have to choose whether or not to tear your old roof off or just install a new roof over the current one. Again, your choice will boil down to saving some money now while risking higher expenses later on or just spending more now to minimize future costs and get the job done right.

If you currently have two layers of shingles, then the choice is going to be made for you. R907.3 of the International Residential Code states that you can’t apply a new roof on top of two or more layers of any kind of roofing application. Part of this has to do with the weight and its impact on a home’s structure. One shingle in your hand won’t feel heavy, but 1,500 square feet of them across a roof adds the weight of a 2-ton SUV. If you only currently have a single layer of asphalt shingles, then you might choose to get them removed even when you don’t have to. Doing so can save you quite a bit of money later on. For instance, should live in any area which is subjected regularly to high winds, then you need to be mindful of the fact that shingles hold on better when they get fastened directly to the deck of the roof. Additionally, the removal of old shingles let you inspect the sheathing and deck.

The chance to evaluate conditions of the roof deck proves invaluable since you can look for things like wood rot and any presence of insufficient sheathing fasteners. When the necessary repairs are made and fasteners are added to sheathing, such as screws or annular nails, you can avoid the substantial losses involved when any sheathing winds up blowing off the roof which can let rain in to wreak havoc inside your home. Starting a roofing job off with a clean roof deck that has old roofing felt and shingles removed can also mean the possibility of adding an ice-and-water-shield membrane up and down the eaves. This can only get applied to clean decking, but it helps prevent any damage because of ice dams.

A new roofing Austin TX can cost a lot of money, but it can also last you for many decades. Do things right, and you’ll have a lot less to stress over if storms roll in. In the long run, you end up with a lot more money staying in your bank account.

How To Protect Your Property During Roof Replacement in Austin TX

Having a roof repaired or getting a new one installed is a significant undertaking. A roof is one of a home’s most substantial expenses and also one of the most valuable assets – it isn’t something to cut corners on. However, if you are having a roof installed on your finished home, you might be worried about your exterior – you certainly don’t want it getting damaged. If that is the case, here are three ways you can protect your home and belongings during roofing Austin TX installation.

Picture Showing How To Protect Your Property During Roof Replacement in Austin, TX

Park Your Car Somewhere Safe

Roofing contractors need easy and quick access to their tools and offering them a great parking spot will not only make things easy for them but will also speed up the process. Sorry folks, but yes, that may mean walking a short distance to get to your car. However, remember that this is a necessary concession. Consider parking your vehicles a safe distance from the area until the project is completed. Also, remember to keep your garage doors closed to keep out debris and dust.

Take Down Wall Decorations

The vibrations from machinery and hammers on your roof can travel through your walls, especially if the existing deck requires some repairs.
– Walk through rooms on the level under the roof
– Consider pictures, knick-knacks, or other items that you have hanging on your walls or ceiling
– As a safety measure, remove any decorations that are not permanently screwed in place
Consider removing decorative lighting fixtures like chandeliers to be safe.

Do Not Forget About Things You’ve Stored in Your Attic.

When replacing a roof, several roof installers will be crisscrossing your roof laying new shingles or other roofing materials and pounding away on it with hammers. So rest assured small debris and dust will be falling in your attic space during roof installation.

If moving some of the important stuff up there won’t cut it, you can keep them clean by covering them with some old sheets. However, be ready to do some vacuuming once construction is complete.

Move Your Patio Furniture

A garage or shed is one of the best places to store outdoor items like lawn ornaments, patio furniture, potted plants, and grills while the new roof is being installed. If you do not have a shed or garage, consider putting these items in one corner of your yard, a considerable distance from the construction area. Remember that most contractors won’t help you move personal items outside or inside your home.

Do Landscaping Before Construction Commences

Low hanging tree branches near the roof will have to be trimmed before the roofer can start working on it. Your roofing contractor should use drop cloths to protect grass and plants your home’s immediate perimeter; nevertheless, make sure the grass around your home is cut one day before construction day.

Short grass will ensure fallen debris doesn’t hide in your lawn; this way, clean-up will be easier, thorough and less time-consuming.

Whether you need your roof inspected, repaired or replaced, we at Dustin Johnson Exteriors can be of great help to you. As  Texas based roofing contractor, we have years of roofing Austin TX experience; you can rest assured that we will get the job done professionally, in time and on budget. Give us a call today for a free quote.

5 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Roof Repair in Austin TX

Repairing your roof can be a long and expensive process, depending on the amount of damage that needs to be repaired. You should never accept an estimate from a roofer if they have not been to your home to assess the damage. It is also important to know what factors will include the cost of the roofing Austin TX repair.

The Roof TypeImage Of 5 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Roof Repair

Repair costs will be seriously affected by the type of roof that you have. It is possible to have a flat or sloped roof, a high pitch or low, shingles or metal and even some more unique iterations. Roofing materials will vary in cost depending on the roof type. There are also some materials which need more labor to repair them.

Asphalt shingles are the least expensive and will generally cost around $120 per 100 square feet. Slate shingles are more expensive and will cost between $800 and §1000 for the same area. If your roof is metal, you will be looking at a cost of approximately $1500 for this area.

The Permits

Where you live will also impact the costs of roof repairs. It is possible that the roofer will need to get permits before they can start the repairs. The price of the permit could be a flat rate for the area, but it may also be based on the size and value of your home.

There are certain coastal regions where a special permit is needed to protect your home from tropical storms and hurricanes. Hurricane straps and bracing which is necessary in these areas can add several hundreds to your costs. An example of this will be a 1,350 square foot repair permit which costs between $148 and $400 depending on where you are located.

The Scope Of The Repairs

Another big factor in the cost of repairs will be the size of the job. Roofing Austin TX contractors will generally use pricing per square foot of roof. A square in roofing terms is a 10-foot square area. Shingles are generally sold by the square and you will be charged for a full square even if your repair job is less than this. The leftover materials from the repair should be provided to you by the contractor and you can use this if more repairs need to be completed.

Any Existing Water Damage

Damage from water can quickly affect your home’s structure. This damage will not be obvious until the shingles have been removed and the roofer inspects the decking. Repairing the water damage will be expensive and it will increase your overall costs. However, this is not something that you want to overlook as it could lead to a total roof replacement in the long-term.

The Chimney And Skylights

If you have a chimney or skylights, they are going to increase the costs of your roof repair. These elements might have to be replaced at the same time and you should ask the roofer to check them for leaks or damage. This should be done while they assess the shingles.

If they do not have to be replaced, the roofer will still need to work around them and this increases the labor costs you face. Fixing the flashing which seals the skylight will also increase the costs by $300 to $500. If you need the flashing around the chimney fixed, this can cost between $200 and $500.

It is recommended that you get repair cost estimates from at least 3 professional roofers before you hire one. These estimates could vary drastically from one roofing Austin TX company to another. You need to be careful of very low estimates as the roofer might not be operating legally.