Easy Hail Damage Repair Austin TX Initial Assessment

Hail Damage Repair: Austin TX

After a major hail storm or even lighter conditions, homeowners often find small dents and breaks on the roof, as well as other parts of their property. Unfortunately, even the best materials and most expensive roofs can still fall victim to hail damage. The size of actual damage can vary greatly but any sign of damage from hail should be addressed. While these damages may seem minor, it could actually lead to bigger problems if left exposed.

Hail can damage property. Aside from your home, anything that is left outdoors can get damaged. This includes your car, bike, and outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, homeowners in Austin TX need to be prepared for an unexpected hail storm that can cause massive property damage.

Hail Damage

A quick assessment of your roof should let you spot any dents or breaks caused by the hail. If surrounding structures, such as gutters or the siding are damaged, there is a huge probability that the roof was too. Damage can vary depending on these factors.


Stronger winds are likely to cause more damage, especially if the storm lasts longer as well. Aside from the speed and strength of the wind, the direction of the wind also affects how the hail can cause damage to your property.

Size and Density of Hailstones

Any type of hailstone can cause damage but the bigger and more compact hailstones are likely to cause more damage. These are the types of damage that you would expect from these sizes of hail stones.

Small Hail – the size of a dime

Dime-sized hail may not seem like it could do much but if there is already damage to your existing shingles or if your shingles are already old, small hailstones can tear through and cause even more damage. At faster wind speeds, small hail stones can even cause damage to new and strong materials.

Medium Hail – the size of a quarter

This type of hail is what likely causes granule erosion and abrasions on your roof. This wears down your roof and causes major damage at higher speeds.

Larger Hail

Hailstones that are bigger than a quarter are very damaging to property. When a hail storm with these large hailstones hits your home, you are likely to see major damage not just on your house but any other things that you left outside.

Building Materials

Metal roofs are able to withstand hail better while asphalt shingle roofs are likely to experience the most damage. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find any roof dents and bruises on a metal roof.

Surrounding Barriers

If there are any trees, fences, or buildings around your home, your property might be spared from receiving as much damage as it would have without these barriers. Acting as your home’s shield, these barriers can take most of the hits for your property.

Types of Hail Damage

While any type of hail storm is likely to cause some form of damage, hail that is more than ¾ of an inch thick can cause major damage. That is just about the same size as a penny. You can notice different types of damage on your property.

Loss of Granules on Shingles

Shingles have a protected layer of granules at the topmost coat. The main purpose of the granules is to protect the material, sometimes making it fire resistant as well. The loss of these granules makes the shingles exposed and prone to damage.

Erosion of Sealants

Aside from being nailed down to the roof deck, shingles and other roof tiles use sealants so they can stick securely to the base of the roof, as well as the other layers. The sealant helps avoid tilting or shifting of the tiles or shingles. A less obvious form of hail damage is when it causes sealant erosion. In this case, the shingles or tile may start to look tilted.

Spotting Hail Damage on Your Roof

Hail damage varies. Aside from depending on the size of the hail stones and the strength of the wind druing the storm, the roofing materials on your roof are affected in different ways. Knowing how the damage can appear on a specific type of roof material can help guide you on what to look for when you do your initial roof damage assessment.

Asphalt Shingles

  • Damage with no pattern
  • Black dents
  • Granule loss
  • Areas start to appear shiny
  • Areas that become soft to touch

Wood Shingles

  • Damage with no pattern
  • Brown or Orange splits
  • Splits with sharp edges
  • Impact markers on the splits

Metal Roof

  • Concave dents on the roof

What To Do With Hail Damage on Roof

After a hail storm, you should always do an initial assessment of the damage if possible. With a few shingles or just some areas that have been damaged, minor repairs should be necessary. If you find multiple shingles that have been damaged or large areas with hail damage, a full roof replacement might be necessarily done by your roofing contractor.

Unexpected hail storms in Austin TX can cause major damage to your property. Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing offers roofing repair and replacement. They’re open Monday – Saturday 7:30 am – 10 pm. They are closed on Sundays.

For all your roof repair and replacement needs in Austin TX, contact Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing (512) 337-2661 or send an email quick inquiry to info@dustinjohnsonexteriors.com For more information about their products and services can visit their site at https://dustinjohnsonexteriors.com/

Best Roof Maintenance Tips That Will Extend Your Roofs’ Lifespan

Extending Your Roofing Lifespan in Austin, TX


Your roof is one of the crucial home features that protect you from environmental setbacks, and also helps in preserving the overall structural integrity of your property. For that, matter regular maintenance rendered by a reputable roof replacement contractor in Austin should be observed by a homeowner or any property owner to extend the usable lifespan of their roofing system. A roof maintenance need not be that expensive and complicated. There are a number of simple ways on how you may drastically improve the lifespan of your roof without shelling out to much cash. And here are some of the tips you should take note of.


a roof repair expert fixing roof ridge


Gutters and Downspouts Clearing

As a roofing contractor Austin tx – Most homeowners do not realize the connection and importance of the gutter’s role in your roofing system. Your gutter serves as an assistant to your roof, especially during the rainy or snowy season. Gutters and your downspouts channel the water away from your roof and your property’s foundation in order to prevent decay and even structural collapse. That is why when you have an uncleaned gutter, full of dirt and debris such as twigs, leaves, and even small dead animals, you might be in for a very expensive water leak and damage.

Aside from that, you are also endangering the stability of your roofing system, for any backflow or stagnation of water on your gutter will soon find its way towards your interior roofing. Hence, leading to early deterioration, which in turn could result in an expensive roof replacement process. If you want to avoid such a costly mistake, you better contact a roofing contractor that also specializes in gutter cleaning and maintenance as part of their roofing services.

Roof Inspection

In order for you to know what are the minor issues on your roofing system, it is always good to have a regular roof inspection. Although a DIY roof inspection is a good idea, having an expert roofing contractor perform a thorough and systematic roof inspection is way better. They have the experience, equipment, and expertise to determine even the minute issues of your roofing system. Hence, allowing immediate action to prevent early deterioration of your roofing. They will be able to check hard to reach areas, such as your roof edge and uncommon parts of your roof. If you desire convenience and safety, it would be good to leave roof inspection to expert roofers here in Austin, Texas, like Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing.

Ventilation And Insulation

Apart from cleaning and inspection, you may also lengthen the lifespan of your roof by having proper ventilation and adequate insulation. You should not neglect the importance of ventilation and insulation. Although they might not be as damaging compared to punctured roofing, poor insulation and ventilation could still contribute to the gradual and consistent decay of your property. Therefore, undermining the longevity of your roofing and causing roof repair or even costly roof replacement.  


If you really value your roof or your property in its entirety, it would always be good to maintain regular inspection in order to keep it free from extensive damages. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other methods or ways of extending the lifespan of your roof. Call an expert roofing contractor for advice and expert suggestions. Furthermore, watch here below some tips from Lowe’s Home Improvement concerning DIY gutter cleaning.